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Mother is an Example of Six Sigma Leadership

Mother is an example of leader-manager at home. She serves breakfast, lunch and dinner just in time, with a smile, prior to anybody asking her to serve. She strictly follows Time Management mathematics of 24*7*365 at the rate of 100 percent success. Customer satisfaction ratio is 100%. For all these ordeals, she neither takes salary, incentive, promotion nor any medals. Indirectly, she is proving that internal motivation is everything. She constantly serves for 40 to 50 years at home, non-stop without a single expectation. In most of the cases, family is unable to recognise the quality of high value leadership in her.

She is an excellent logistic and chain supply manager. How she manages logistics in bad times and in economical crisis is really appreciable. She serves the food without blaming any market position or situation. She is managing her logistics in limited budget almost in every home you can find this.

She is an excellent negotiator when she goes for shopping for home appliances or daily consuming food products. She knows how to deal with retailer and she manages her logistics with very economical prices. Every morning, she asks, “What should be a menu for the day?” You suggest some items to be prepared but she is so good in managing her resources but she finally conveniences you as per her logistics and you also agree with her and reply, “Ok, you prepare what you like.”

She is performing mentoring leadership. Her EQ (Emotional Quotient) driven leadership almost appeals all the team members. She, most of the times, demonstrates leadership of care & share, forget & forgive, trust, sacrifice and win, living for other team members, lead with love, emotional bondage are found very profoundly in her leadership.

Bondage with the family is found at the very high level. In fact, she had married and came to a new house. Now she takes this new house and new people as her own people and develops bondage and starts performing round the clock. In corporate houses, we try to create bondage and ownership in the team but we hardly find such cases which demonstrate high level of leadership. Here, she is demonstrating without HR training.

Her budgetary control and inventory control achieved with par excellence level although she is never a student of finance and management.

I find, mother is an exemplary leadership at home and I would like award her the title of home-leader–manager although she had never gone to the school of management.


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