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MBWA (Management by walking around)

Management of twenty first century says: MBWA (Management by walking around). India ( in current world it is call India, Pakistan, Afghanistan had demonstrated such practice at least before 1000 years. Kings who were the leaders were changing their dress and moving in the town in the night. They were collecting opinions of society as an ordinary people. Of course, they were unidentifiable because dresses). They as a leader were listening and watching current affairs of the life.  Next day, in the palace it was discuss, Analyze and Resolve. The issues were very firstly and effectively handle by the leader in a very different fashion. King Akbar is using the same practice is shown very well in the latest film of Bollywood “Jodh Akbar”.

MBWA is now use by Current leaders in the corporate world as a chairman or CEO. They do not believe in the MIS (Management Information System). In MIS they get the Systematic, Informative and technical details. Even though they make their round as per their convenience and see, listen, watch and know the status of the company. Next day they go to the managers and communicate the decisions.

Leaders are excellent observer, listeners and decision maker.

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