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Making Vocational Training Work

5 Simple Steps to Taking Control and Achieving Real Outcome:


More and more countries around the world today are introducing some form of vocational education and training system in the hope of creating greater economic outcomes. Unfortunately most are falling short of their objectives because they do not take into account all of the elements that go to making up a high performance and smoothly functioning system.


This entertaining and informative presentation will present the results of nearly two decades of research and practice in the creation and maintenance of VET systems that achieve exceptional outcomes. It will address the myths and misconceptions that are stopping many countries and industries from achieving the outcomes they seek when introducing a VET approach. Also presented will be an understanding of how VET can with a few simple changes to current practice, achieve outcomes that are quite often not even dreamed of.


Discussed will be:


• How Ricardo Semler and his achievements may have inadvertently uncovered the secret of good VET.

• Why the environment is more important than the training.

• The key elements of a good VET system.

• Signposts to success – the critical steps that must be taken when introducing VET either at a national or a workplace level.


By Dr. Philip Rutherford


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