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Look at your age ? physical or mental .

Vivek Wadhwa , Vice president of academics and innovation, Singularity University share Mark Zuckerberg with Facebook, Paul Allen and Bill Gates with Microsoft, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs those success stories lead some people to think that coming up with big ideas is a young person’s game. But the tech entrepreneurs who rose to early fame and fortune are just the outliers. The typical entrepreneur is a middle-aged professional who learns about a market need and starts a company with his own savings.

Research that my team completed in 2009 determined that the average age of a successful entrepreneur in high-growth industries such as computers, health care and aerospace is 40. Twice as many successful entrepreneurs are aged over 50 as fewer than 25, and twice as many over 60 as fewer than 20.

David Cohen , Founder and CEO, TechStars  ,asserted very profoundly that Ideas for startups often begin with a problem that needs to be solved. And they don’t usually come while you’re sitting around sipping coffee and contemplating life. They tend to reveal themselves while you’re hard at work on something else.

For instance, one company of mine, ear Feeder, came about because I wanted news on music I loved and found it hard to get. So I created a service that checks your computer for the music you have stored there, and then feeds you news from the Internet about those bands, along with ticket deals and other things.

What is coming to my mind ,right now is , is there any standard and define age for entrepreneur. ?

My frank answer is ‘no”.

I think it is a case of  mental age not physical age. World needs mental hero not the physical hero. I have no complained and regret for physical age but mental age have substantial value and importance in life and organisation.

Just check your mental age .To know it more closely seek information from people around you as they are feeling you every day.






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