Monday , 15 October 2018


Life without difficulties is an illusion. When facing difficulties try and solve them.  Man needs his difficulties because they are necessary to enjoy success. So accept the challenges from wherever they come so as to feel the exhilaration of victory.

In sport, BASE BALL game is the perfect example. Coach explores permutation and combination to strategize victory as a team and meets maximum challenges in a short time.

You need people around you on whom you can rely in a given situation as you too could be in the same situation when misfortune strikes. Relationship is never one sided. There is always give and take. This is the essence of life.

Explore maximum number of options to come out of a risky situation to avoid debilitating failures. We in a company always have 3 optional vendors ready to supply materials for any emergency if there is production crisis. In competitive world, professional players do not win for lifetime; their victory is only for a limited period. The same is with life itself when it could be victory or defeat overshadowing you in a given situation and may not last in the span of your lifetime.

But you must come out of failures quickly. Develop success from failures. Know that great men were never discouraged from failures. Their examples show how they turned discouragement and failure into two surest stepping stones to success.  Difficult situations offer more to explore more solutions and possibilities. Most of the difficulties turn out to be just milestones on your road to victory.

In this win over series, I do respect the idea of two goals: one for life and the other for soul. As we progress in life so are we subjected to repeated births and deaths. I think someday, sometime, events are bound to happen in life in almost spontaneous way. Life is a myriad of possibilities and challenges. If life doesn’t catch you with surprises you will never learn the art of winning over a habit. Let not small level difficulties deter you as difficulties mastered are opportunities won and this is what is suggested for members of LIFE TO WIN OVER series.

Not understanding your true potentialities has always been due to restricting yourself to a specific strength in your character and to one specific field of action. Why not open up yourself to working and thinking beyond a specific filed or area of life to give you a wide vision to meet the complex challenges of life?  As you grow you are bound to learn and there is nothing permanent or unthinkable in life. Explore new possibilities so that your past failures can act as a beacon of success in achieving prosperity as suggested by LEAD TO WIN over series.


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