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Life not a 100-metre sprint; it’s a marathon

Life is not a 100-metre sprint; it’s a marathon. Run it well with patience and grit. This is what sages of the past had taught us over the ages. We are in for a long haul from birth to death and there are many things to learn and unlearn as we cover the long distance of life’s journey.
Never claim to be perfect. Mistakes occur knowingly and unknowingly. And do not claim to know everything. This is the crucial lesson in life. Knowledge is within the reach of those who realize and acknowledge that they do not know it all. The ego that is impediment to knowledge has to go before you are on the path of acquiring knowledge and purpose in life.
Our Planet Earth was born long before us and during our existence and after our existence it will continue to be there. You and the earth are complementary to each other. While the life span of a planet is in thousands of years our past lives’ journeys too have been traversed thousands of years in time. But in this lifetime your life span is 60-90 years, a little more or less. After death, the unceasing journey of birth and death continues.….. Until hopefully there comes the final exit.
I believe very strongly that Buddha, Mahavir, Muhammad, Christ and Zarathustra and Krishna had shone in their last incarnation on Planet Earth. In fact they had passed through a number of incarnations before shining their fullest to become part of infinite intelligence. Yes, they had a cause in mind and that’s why their existence took place on this planet. It was never a short story of 60-70-80 years but thousands of years when they all reached their last incarnation on our planet before becoming the masters as they were in guiding us.
Similarly, the life journey of Readers LEAD TO WIN series is a continuum until the time when everything ceases. During this infinite travel in time you might flourish with success thanks to your performance and commitment but learn to be humble for being endowed with intelligence and the power to discriminate and for achieving your goal. Suppose, you are facing hard times learn tolerate with courage until the life cycle changes its direction. It is the inevitability of fluctuating life cycles without remedy. As you reach the crest so will you a trough. How you act during this esoteric travel of life’s ups and downs will decide the way for further travel. Like water’s eternal journey from originating in the mountains to its progress in the plains until it merges in the ocean it’s a never-ending undulation of slow and fast rhythm of life that teaches us a lesson to learn as we finally end our existence in the sea of infinite wisdom.
Our motive for existence cannot be questioned; nor can we change the path of our existence. But what we can do is to learn the art of humbleness to deal with our existence the way it is and this is the idea which LEAD TO WIN series is trying to inculcate in its readers.

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