Thursday , 20 September 2018


Birth is not of our choice neither is death. Between these two beyond-our-control choices of birth and death we move between these two great unknowns of life.
But we have a choice to what we choose and how we lead our lives between the two unknowns of life and that is what LEAD TO WIN readers’ series aims to achieve holding a mirror for you to check your choices.
Before we make our choices we have to learn how to choose and what to choose, being the most important education in life. You should therefore have no regret or complaint in trying to make the right choice. As choices preferred by you are by your own willing self you deserve a life of your own compatible with your own free will. It is the greatest freedom you will ever have to make.
You are also responsible for your experiences, events, results, process, and actions and also for not having acted in time on ideas that you should have. When you made your decision and set the direction it was one of your biggest choices you ever made. And there are the smallest choices you will continue to make that will lead you to your ultimate destination.
You had taken a decision about getting married and life has come a long way. Sadly today both of you are very unhappy with each other. You smoked heavily and today suffer from cancer or afflicted with some dreaded disease. You drove your motorcycle at 120 km/hour and came to grief breaking your leg which is now haunting you. You had left your studies half way in college and today you face crisis of self-doubt owing to lack of academic support.
Sadly, life has no reverse gear to travel back as the opportunity lost is lost forever. So move forward if only to rectify the mistakes however belated your action may be. Suppose, you are reading this article you can go to top and read it back for one more time. Then you spend 5 minutes mulling over what you just read. And still you have not understood what is said and it means the purpose of writing this has been lost. But life is not as simplistic as going back to a page or line in the book as events and circumstances keep irretrievably changing without our knowledge. Nothing happens in reverse. The right way is to go forward and forward only with our enabling choices at our disposal to make our lives meaningful before the inexorable hand of death seizes us.
LEAD TO WIN over series are directed to review our choices we had made or in the process of making new choices to nullify or correct our old ones that created so much pain and anguish in our lives.
So let us make decisions that gets our choices right and do make it with full of confidence. There is no problem as long as we make the right one. Only think carefully before you act.

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