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Life is Marathon

Life is evergreen, it is always flowing, and it never stops. Life is an ongoing process and is never stagnant. Life is a Marathon, which goes on and on…
“Life is not a small race or sprint, which just stops after some 10 or 15 years. You have to get up everyday with a new idea. A new sprint to start on. And, you have to get to bring it to work, everyday”, are the words spoken by Jack Welch, ex-CEO of GE.
You need a cause to jump everyday from the worst, which you must have faced in the past. You have to generate energy within yourself to jump out from the worst. You must know why you need to come out from the bad phase.
Every morning is a gift of God to you. Once your conscious mind ticks and says, “It’s morning”, immediately, you must thank God for the new day. Thank God for that one more day to live life. Your next step is to get the new flash from your subconscious mind and bring it to your work place.
Another way to start a day is to face the mirror and pass on three positive affirmations, which you have developed for yourself. Let it pass on in every nerve of yours. Say these words very confidently standing in front of the mirror. Enjoy the day and its every moment as if it is the last day of your life.
Each day is to be lived uniquely for creating everlasting impressions on this planet, on family, on work place, on friends and society.
Recently, Bill Gates has demonstrated a way of living. Suppose if he stops working, and windups his business, and starts spending his money, about 10 million everyday. Still, he will be able to spend his money atleast up to 725 years. Even though possessing such an immense wealth, he is still working with same zeal and passion as a new comer, and everyday he is eagerly going to his workplace with new ideas puffed with new energy.

Remember: Everyday…you need that extra energy and power crystals in your heart, hand and head to add sparkle of joy to your life.

Author : Dr. Shailesh Thaker - Businness Coach in India Provides Leadership Training, CEO Coaching, Top Management Training and HR Consulting Services – click here for more detail

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