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Let dissatisfaction not torment you

The more you compete in life the more it gives you back in return. Great is the competition indeed which occurs when an average person wins by putting above average effort.The game of life is a never-ending chance of circumstances. The simple reality is you’re in competition with yourself to do better today than what you did yesterday.
Yet being on the road to accomplishments can bring a deluge of rising expectations from life or people or actions (for showing results). This often leads to dissatisfaction.
You get mentally upset as criticism begins hurting you; the pinpricks then turning to painful barbs. You try to pin the blame on others and disgruntlement and discontentment becomes a self-defeating option. Your lower self-esteem tends to downplay your own accomplishments leading to further agony. You reach a state of mind when disappointment affects your every move. Your sense of gratification remains unfulfilled further agitating the mind.
A vicious circle then ensues leading to a chronic sense of dissatisfaction tending to break you apart.You are in danger of being destroyed by your own bottled rage. At best you now look like an average person not knowing how to proceed further.
Life has to be seen holistically as it comes in a bundle of joy and sadness; money and without money; beauty and without beauty; sin and without sin. There is no one single factor that overrides or lasts in life. One who understands it never gets disheartened or discouraged. He realizes the futility of negativity as he recites a simple prayer from his heart asking God to renew his energy and show guidance. If faith can move mountains be rest assured that He will give you the moment of strength and courage to dispel the darkness that is weakening your resolve.
You realize, thanks to your prayers, the silver lining to your darkness and work out the best way to redeem yourself. It is now your day of reckoning when you decide to work to the fullest. Work is all you think of. This in turn has a positive impact on your mind. The cobweb of discontentment is dispelled as work keeps you busy and negative thoughts begin receding.
I need to say to my regular readers of“LEAD ME TO ME“[??????] series that you are responsible for the state of mind as decision made for good or bad, discontentment or progress is all been made by you.
Why be carried away by what your friend has achieved rather than looking inwards in deciding what best you can achieve? Comparing or competing unfairly with others leads to a drop in our self-confidence level and I urge my readers to beware of this pitfall. Be inspired from others but never feel second class to others. The same Almighty who has given luck to your friends is willing to extend the same provided you realize your true potential through hard work and sincerity without cribbing or craving following the achievements of others. Famous musician A R Rahman asserted after winning the Oscar, “My best is yet to come”. True, your best too is yet to come.
Never make dissatisfaction the most powerful weapon in your hand to injure yourself. Look to life with a positive attitude. After all being tired while climbing the stairs does not mean you will not reach the top. Do sit down to catch your breath instead of thinking of getting down the stairs. Life is meant for challenges and challenges have to be certainly met by moving forward and not in turning back.

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