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Author Julio Melara, a dynamic keynote speaker, was able to learn lessons of life and carry it up to adulthood. “Here is the list of all the jobs you will not find on my resume but lessons that have lasted a life time.” This is from the book; ‘It only takes everything you’ve got.’

Lessons for a life:

· Started cutting grass for a profit at the age 11.

Lesson learned: It is important to give things a clean professional look.

· Stock clerk at local food store.

Lesson learned: Making sure that if I am going to sell something, the merchandise needs to be in stock.

· Dishwasher at local restaurant.

Lesson learned: Somebody always have to do a job that no one else wants to do. Also, most of the people have lots of food on their plates. (They do not finish what they start.)

· A janitor at an office building.

Lesson learned: The importance of cleanliness as it related to image.

· Fry-and-prep cook at steakhouse.

Lesson learned: The importance of preparation and the importance of right presentation.

· Construction helping hand (lug wood and supplies from one place to another.)

Lesson learned: I do not want to do this job for life time.

· Sold newspaper subscription for daily newspaper.

Lesson learned: The job of rejection had to knock on at least 30 doors before I ever sold one subscription.

· Shipping clerk at plumbing supply house.

Lesson learned: Delivering your project or service on time is just as important as selling it.

· Breakfast cook at 24-hour restaurant shop.

Lesson learned: How to do 15 things at once. Also learned about the weird things people like to eat on their eggs.

· Cleaned cars at detailing shop.

Lesson learned: The importance of details. You can pay $ 15 just to wash the outside of the car or $ 50 to clean the car inside and out and cover all the details. Details are pain but details are valuable.

· Shoe salesman in retail store.

Lesson learned: To sell customers what they want and like. Also learned to compliment people and be sincere.

· Busboy at a local dinner.

Lesson learned: People enjoy being served with a smile and they love a clean table.

Every stage of life presents lessons to be learnt. You should have open mind and attitude of learning for growing more or a close mind to stop your growth.


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