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2015 is a special year for me; it’s my 25th year in learning and development.As with all anniversaries, one has to pause to reflect on the past and consider what has been achieved.

The decision to form myself as trainer and coach was taken by me in the year 1989.. A quick look at the current status might have you scratching your head and wondering what’s changed…

Back in 1989, few people were thinking to become trainer and coach, especially in INDIA. Now it is the people and companies, who do not know too much in the business of learning and development also, have in –house trainer. Now, i read someday that an organisation has head, learning and development and he is not aware of LEARNING PRINCIPLES AND PHILOSPHY. Even, he is not aware of tools to measure change in employees. Change cycle and management is possibly not understood. Employee surveys, and supporting policies and processes for employee appraisal, development and advancement were even more of a novelty. Opportunities for “workers” to get involved in improvement activities were limited at best and as for providing ideas, suggestions and input to the company strategy? Forget it.

Perhaps the greatest changes i’ve seen in the last 25 years have happened in the public & non-profit sectors. Specially, in last 5 years, change of speed is very high.

Story was initiated with black board and white chalk …some of the mile stones were OHP slides, PPT presentations, video and films ….. Case study…… OBT…….. Learn with fun…… digital learning program…. Sunday morning discussion meeting on twitter. Webinar series and application of learning with result approach in company. Next day, review meeting and learner have to show applied changes….. wov!!!!!

It is said that in the 21st century, person will be called illiterate who is not educated but who is not learning, re learning, de learning and un learning. We all are in the era where learning is only live, rest all is dead. Today, security, safety, monopoly, perfection and market ruler such ideas are out dated. New ideas and new way of life is way of living.. AGE is counted only as number.

And so, turning to the future… What’s next?

The RADAR is a key tool for both our Assessors and the organisations they assess. It is an organisations ability to anticipate and adapt, to learn and improve, to innovate and create that now makes the difference… And how rapidly they are able to execute the changes required to make ideas a reality.

Yes, looking back over the last 25 years, I think i can be proud of the progress made and proud for creating more than 500 HR trainers. Now, they are playing roles in the life. I had helped people to improve life style and standard by at least 15 percentages. People who were influenced by me , are able to tap there competency level and resolve to change themselves by some extend is the most wonderful experience of life. I have invested 25 years of great life. Few experiences make me glad and few make me sad. Of, course , journey was full of pain and pleasure.

And, looking forward, I think the excellence community has the tools, capacity and opportunity to make an even bigger difference in the next 25 years… Are you up for the challenge?