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Leadship :Encash your signature strength

You must know your strength and weaknesses. Usually, it is human nature to focus on the strength of others and make them a role model and follow them, almost blindly. In this herd mentality we stand to lose even our own identity.
You must know what your strengths are. Encashing one’s strength to the maximum needs to be a way of life. First, know your strength and second, encash it to the fullest. Realise that you are master of your own destiny. To break a record set by someone before you needs acumen to know what your strengths are and how to encash it.
Strength leads to life and life is a gift to all of us. Only you know yourself better and none can do it for you in this world. You would be able to connect with your strength. What is your strength? Humour, aggressiveness, writing, speaking, logic, loneliness, open mind, new learning, intuition, peace, love…
In the Values in Action Inventory of Strengths (VIA-IS), a psychological assessment tool, 24 character strengths are listed to assess your strength level. But the most appealing aspect is living with strength.
Knowing people and living with people is good but knowing yourself and mastering yourself with your signature strength is the real essence of leadership.
What helped you to impress people? What people like in you. What people rate at very high level in you? What gives you extra mileage? What create news out of you?
You could inspire others with quality of your performance. You have to face failures but if you keep persevering with patience accomplishments and success will be yours for asking.
To know your true strength you need to compete with yourself rather than aiming to break the record of others. Those who had achieved the pinnacle of success could be way ahead of you and it is no easy task to approach anywhere near their achievements unless you learn to break your own records being set. Your level of strength is a variable that grows as your grow in your strength.
I know a famous musician Annpurana Devi who is totally dedicated to her art. She has not come out of her home once even in the last 40 years. And yet she and her husband Rooshikumar Pandya are living happily leading their life to the fullest. Nothing is unimportant in life. So be gracious enough to know small things that can matter most in your life.
As you grow in strength you leave behind your signature mark announcing to the world about your success in unlocking your potentialities. But failing to do is a tragedy worth avoiding.
The real you lie in those small things which finally blossom as strength. If you have the attitude to encash your strength it shall lead to success and accomplishments.
Always autograph your work with excellence. This is possible only by encashing your strength, the real YOU!

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