Thursday , 18 October 2018


Leadership is spontaneity. Living in present and emphasising on reality.

Past is over and future is not guaranteed. Only current time is the fact, and lives and leading in present is the charisma of leadership.

Leader is like nature. Nature is spontaneous. Nature is present and real. When sun shines, it is bright and when it is sunset, it completely sets. When rain is falling down from the clouds, it’s raining only and when it is a time of dry clouds, the sky is covered with dry clouds.

Some people you will find in worry and under stress because of current affairs and present situation. They are full of ‘logics’ and ‘becauses’. They hardly lead without logics and consequences.

True leadership is spontaneous and bringing solutions of situations without beliefs and reasons.

Leader understands power of present and reality. He also briefs the team with reality and present situations and throws light on the future actions, which is solving issues and changing situations. Leaders lead towards goal.

Living in past and discussing about future is wastage of energy. True leadership is living in present moment and leading towards goal in the present situation.

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