Tuesday , 23 October 2018


Rather than seeking to maintain the status quo during difficult times, the new book Adaptability by Max McKeown argues that successful organisations understand the value of responding to turbulence.

This management-issues book explains that adaptability is ultimately about “looking reality in the face” and responding with experimentation rather than trying to avoid challenges:

Nelson MANDELA very profoundly said, “It is better to lead from behind and to put others in front, especially when you celebrate victory when nice things occur. You take the front line when there is danger. Then people will appreciate your leadership. “

If people around you won’t accept as a leader and constantly wishes to step down than what is the point in standing on the position. Golden rule of leadership is to be acceptable and adaptable. Because you are contributing for people. Leadership without people is not possible. People around you are saying no than it is useless to stay for a minute and to spend one minute of priceless life for them.

People can oppose as it is a right in democracy but you prove all of them wrong by your actions and results. Result is the essence of leadership. Let people around you have that fragrance. Once they find balance between thoughts, actions and results. None will oppose you. Even few can oppose at the initial stage but later on they will also accept. Finally, you will be acceptable leader.

In India, M.K. Gandhi was leading for nearly 4 decades but people around them were wishing and following his leadership. Martin Luther king was accepted all around USA for his contribution.

“Knowing that each mistake you make is an opportunity to learn and keep riding the waves of change, and not an opportunity to give up, or worse stand still knowing full well there’s a better way to do something.”

The review says Adaptability offers a number of case studies that illustrate key arguments including the importance of timing when responding to challenges and the idea that often a very small change can have a significant impact.

Several inspirational quotes are provided to help leaders maintain a pro-adaptation mindset. Here are a few: “You can think your way to a better future”, “The most successful adaptors are curious” and “Stability is a dangerous illusion”.

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