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Leaders prefer mediocrity and there priority is meritocracy


Leaders are living in an uncertain world. At a same time leaders do not want to live in comfort zone. They sincerely try to put the organization from where it goes to when it should reach.

Do not expect that everything need to be smooth in the life and corporate world. Remember, the master lesson of life is the road who had reached to the top of the mountain has turned them on every turn.

Smooth shipping is a blunder in the life. Bennis writes: Leaders learn by leading, and they learn best by leading in the face of obstacles. As weather shapes mountains, so problems make leaders.” Leaders are courageous and take bold decisions in moving forward.

Leaders maturity find in crisis only. Their ability to take decisions and power within direct the team to move forward in the direction with spirit. They see crisis as an opportunity to sharpen his skills and state of mind. Gold comes out only after the fire tunnel. I think such experiences makes leaders more strong.

They do not prefer mediocrity and there priority is meritocracy. Your decisions make happy and of liking every time is apparently not possible in the area of leadership. Decisions get everyone happy and drive them to walk with you likings is a mountaineering task .You cannot be liked by everyone, every time by your decisions.

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