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Leaders: Not the Past Conscious But Focus On the Future

What we commit to ourselves today determines our future. Determination leads us to successful tomorrow.

What is my commitment to myself?

What is my personal goal for the year 2010?

What I will create at the end of the current year?

I like very effective words of Dr. Sudershanam, “Every year, I have a fight with my all best previous years.”

‘What am I going to be’ is determined first by the leader. He is always in direction with speed, building his identity and making impression on the path of leadership.

Focus on future is a way of leadership. We cannot build up future by remembering past. We can create very powerful future by concentrating and determining on today.

Leaders live in present and plan for tomorrow.

Living with past glory and achievements is not a leader’s attitude. No matter of what kind of achievements you have made up. However, it is a past. Life is tomorrow not yesterday.

What we commit to ourselves will change us totally and a new person will come out from us. A new person can come out only by new commitments and determination, not by achievements. Even, living and sharing those achievements for an hour’s with some people is not recommended. Even, by that action, we spoil our present and we missed an opportunity to create another milestone.

Put your first things first, everything more likely to fall into place.

Our present thoughts, attitude and decision makes our tomorrow. Our tomorrow is a creation of our today. Leaders live in present and focus on tomorrow to accomplish decided goals.

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