Sunday , 23 September 2018


FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! 21st century is an era of fire. Steve Jobs have fire inside. It is constantly burning. Bill Gates has fire inside to bring Microsoft to new level .Blake Beery is putting 100 percentages to put his place in the world with the inner desire. I- Phone is pursuing to capture global market.

Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a fire inside.

My favourite quotation is “PUT FIRE IN TO MIND OR PUT MIND IN TO FIRE.”

Leaders love to die with his fire instead of ice. A whole life is live and is so cold that had never warmed me or my neighbours or peers or society is useless and totally wasted opportunity.

Life is a contract with fire to lead ahead us in the next generation. Fire assumes different shapes when it comes to end or middle in which it is present. Leaders are moving from “can do” to “must do.” Leadership is from where we are to where we must be. To lead a life is to light fire and spark everyday.

Courage is a fire. Risk is a fire. Action is a fire. Energy is a fire. Decisiveness is a fire. Living with inner fire to move the mountain even if it crosses my ways of fulfillment.

Famous proverb is “Even God also does not prefer cold rice.”

World need warmness relationship, sparking results, effective communication and contributory actions.

Leaders live with blood group of fire positive.

Life: live fire zone.

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