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LEADERS: Communicate, communicate, and communicate:

People in your team will understand better the decisions that are not to their liking. They will align and work more effectively. If you are in the engine, you’ll be happier to understand why the driver is braking. Cooker in home is whistling. Communicate.

People keep on talking and sharing but hardly communicate.

Communication has terrific importance in the life. I came across experiences of perception. People believe in their perceptions and conclude it finalization, later on they come to know it was not right or nor the actual.

Most of the perception which we find is negative.

Suppose, your family members have gone for car drive or returning back home from work place and it is at least 2 hours drive. All of sudden you come to know about heavy snow fall and road blocks. You are unable to talk to your family member as he is not lifting cell. Now, your mental sequence will be, most probably negative .e.g. what will happen? Accident!!!! Car breaks down!!! Why he is not lifting cell!!!! Anything serious!!!!! Etc… Can be your perceptions.

If that family member have lift up phone and communicated message then it won’t happened.


Effective communication in business is about all of those things – disagreement, expressing opinions, voicing concerns – and harnessing the energy to create a solution that people want and care about.

1/ Speak to everyone and eye to eye.

Create an environment where people can speak up without fear of mockery, reprisals or condemnation. Use meeting “ground-rules” written up on a flip-chart, to ensure everyone in the meeting understands what behavior is expected and acceptable.

2. / Stick to plan

Agree and stick to an agenda. Don’t go off topic, however interesting a diversion this may be.( LOT of CEOs diverted from the agenda and share their personal experiences.)

3. Two ears, one mouth:

Let one person speak at a time. In India, there is a lord Ganesh, who have big years and very small nose and too big stomach. His analysis is listening more, speak less and keep inside in you.

4. Be mature:

Increase the thought put into individuals’ contributions by encouraging them to write down their points before it is their turn to speak.

5. What is next?

Do not be violent in the meeting or during the communication. Don’t waste time discussing why the idea is so good. Get agree and always go ahead.

6. Meeting with homework:

Written communication has terrific impact and value. Take comprehensive notes in a written pad, that way you’ll reach to the decisions and will end the meeting with purpose achieving feelings. Always, minutes the meeting.

7. Be a role model:

Attitude determine altitude so be consistently good at running meetings and in turn, your meetings will become more effective and meaningful.

Why people often do the things that damage the relationship while achieving the fruits of the relationship.


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