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leaders are down to earth and normal.

Absolute down to earth and normal:

Today morning, I am with Sunita Williams (astronaut) . She is making her presentation to students of Gujarat Technological University, India.  I spare 48 hours with her during this visit. I asked her simple question .What 3 qualities you suggest becoming successful?

She replies:

1/   hard working.

2/ Commitment

3/   Determination.

I am observing that after becoming only woman in the world to create a record of highest staying in space. I am feeling constantly that she is totally normal and natural. She is completely down to earth. She is normal and natural. We were invited to her native village Zulasan. She and her family have strong routes in this village. Village authority shave arranged felicitation programme for her achievement sin space.

As we all reach to function and we took place on dais , we found one special chair and all others chairs were normal . Host asked her to seat on special chair as she is a special guest. She said, please remove this chair. I will seat on normal chair with people only. I could not seat on very much exclusive post. I will seat with people only as I am normal as people are.

I feel great..

I being a life coach noted that leaders are always normal and natural and down to earth.

Leaders become normal after reaching to highest level of success.  They are easily accessible and approachable. They are also normal in relationship. You could feel and smell touch of love and honour with them.

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