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LEADER should all be striving to be better… every day."

“We should all be striving to be better… every day” very profoundly affirmed by Jon Keyser. Every day is an opportunity to make ourselves more better and to demonstrate improvise version of our selves to the planet.(  It is not that you want to show better version that’s why you do all that but it is you believe in it and act)

Robin Sharma says Ask yourself the following question:
“What one thing could I do today that if I did it, my professional and personal life would get to its
Next Level of Greatness?”

I am on the planet to showcase my ever best person till I take the last breath. Remember, rule of the life is not to die with unused potentiality but to use it at maximum level by balancing multi roles. I have seen excellent sports man and film stars but they are miserably failed in the other roles of the life. You have power to excel it in every direction , but still today, it is not en cash properly.

Can I make one promise to myself that from today onwards, I live do it till life time? No situation, no condition, no person can stop me while doing it as I have taken resolution. I have promised to me after that even I do not listen even my other opinion as I have resolved.

Such, power to lead helps us in moving forward towards better tomorrow. CN YOU EVER NEGLECT AN OPPORTUNITY TO BECME BETTER? Can you effort it?

Life is sometimes passed to make others better but in fact, the right meaning to life is to make ourselves better. Mastering your self is true leadership. Can correct myself every day? Can I say sorry for making attitude mistakes? Can is ay sorry for miss communication? Can confess that I have wrong perception?

Can is tarts mutual discovery for becoming better?  If you could sale yourself at perfectionist than it is most amazing and creates wonders around you which creates happiness in yourself.

You seldom improve when they have no other model but themselves to copy. Remember, original is always original. Why carbon paper is disappearing from the world? How long existence is possible by coping others.
Most powerfully asserted statement of Rosalyn Carter helps us in leading better tomorrow.
 “A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don’t necessarily want to go, but ought to be.”

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