Tuesday , 23 October 2018
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I love New Year because I love setting New Year’s Resolutions. I have to take certain decisions and goals . I am not in the race of successful person but i have an idea to honour my passion .

For me,i would love to fall in the category of Passion achievment.

My passion would develop me at my fullest. I’m a strong supporter of passion and passion can creates genious and legend. I would love to be mad by following my  passion.

My resolution shall be  “inner driven leader”. I would love to go for mutual discovery.I
want to  travel inside and wants to meet my habits and passion which will lead me to excellent.

I had learn this year that excellence is the force behind success . success is  a by product it is never an end result.

I want to be in practice of meeting my self every day and need to focus on passion.

I will  learn from my within travel and redefine definition of success.

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