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leader knows thy goals of life and soul.

What caused your arrival on this planet can be a vexatious question to answer. But the fact is it could not have happened overnight as it must have been happening over the ages without your knowledge and consent.
You have landed on this planet after years of cyclic births and deaths with a certain goal and aim. Remember, there may be two goals: One of life and another of soul.
If we think of life you should win over all seemingly difficult situations and conditions. It is your war and you must fight it over on your own. It is a fight between you and your actions. It is never about people and society. Though you are now at a stage where you cannot go back and make a brand new start, at least you can start from now and make a brand new ending. So do not deviate from your goal and spirit. There is lot to think about as you progress in life.
How are we to view this birth if we are aimless and bereft of spirit, the spirit to achieve something? Will there be charm in life if one has to lead a vegetative existence depending on others without initiating actions of our own? True, no one has brought anything into this world, nor is it certain anyone can carry something out when he goes. But taking birth itself signifies myriad challenges that lies ahead, more than you think you can face, as destiny seems to have selected you in the confines of time, space and people around you.
Law of action is working constantly around you and influencing the earth. Action is our right and is the real measure of intelligence and part of a complete invisible domain. All things work according to a system that is pre-defined and unidentifiable.
Nothing could be seen but everything is controlled and created by that invisible super intelligence.
Suppose, you were born with the state of mind bent upon revenge. Now, after a few decades of existence you realize that your good actions have brought a state of peace that is bereft of revenge within you. How exhilarating! Now, you have come to possess that true capacity ingrained in the purity of soul: to forget and forgive. This is one of the best qualities of soul learnt by you during your transformational process. Similarly, you could develop qualities such as love, kindness, peace, pleasure and forgiveness all that are within you and need to be realised.
Why people in your life change constantly? Why do you not have the same state of mind for people close to your family and you — your brother or sister or nephew who are your blood relations? In fact in an unconditioned mind, the mind itself becomes your enemy as it creates fear, anger and enemies. Through that state of mind if actions follow it does follow as per Law of Karma though the outcome is certainly not good. Events occur in your life for good or for bad you may say, all by itself. But every action is not spontaneous as we can determine our destiny through good or bad karma. It is therefore how you choose your life and how you like to live with it that counts.
Remember, you are capable of realizing the supreme bliss of your soul. Your soul is blessed by the invisible hand of Fate which guides and wishes you well provided you listen to your inner voice. They all help and direct the soul to make things happen for the prosperity of one and all.
Good actions determine your destiny so never be afraid of actions when you face situation or people trying to overpower you. Karma can move in two directions. If we act virtuously, our actions will result in happiness. If non-virtuously, suffering results. It is axiomatic and needs no proof. It is always between you and your destiny emerging from a predefined, primordial evolution. Only, you are performing the action as required by the direction of laws of nature. Think good and good you will come to.
Do not run away from a situation however trying it may be. Have faith in your beliefs and the Almighty soul. The real challenge you face in life is to choose and operate through intelligent, uplifting, and fully empowering beliefs. That is how you could do much better than you suppose you could to justify the cause for which you were born.

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