Thursday , 18 October 2018



We are with weaknessess and we lose becaus eof weaknessess.Sometimes situation forces you in defeat we lost.Remember, no one wants to lose but condition or efforts or commitment or people become responsible for lose.We become stressful after defeat. We become frustrate and powerless after such happenings.

True leader stand with the people before they give up.He charge his people to come back and orient them with strength .He inspires and motivate them to achieve set targets one more time.

He inspire the people before they decide to quit in crisis and chaos.He transfer frustrated and unclear performer in to powerful and potential leader.He manages situation before a person quit an dinspire him to have victory .

Motivating people and inspiring their mind and recharging enthusiasm in the people who are near to quit because of defeat or situation or people.

Leadership is igniting mind with enthusiasm and energy.

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