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Lord Krishna Kids
Lord Krishna Kids


In current corporate world, Krishna’s leadership is a most fascinating  and useful leadership. He had  demonstrated   leadership of very high quality, which had made him example ray leader, that’s why he is followed by millions of disciple still today, in his absence.


In childhood, he used to play more with young girls, in India; they all were called as GOPIS. As the village Gokul and Mathura are on the banks of the river, most of the girls used to swim in river Jamuna. They kept their clothes on the banks of the river. Krishna was always found of playing different games with his friends near river bank. He used to secretly lift up their clothes and hid on the tree tops. Krishna did not hand over clothes until Gopis pleaded to him. Finally, he used to hand over those clothes on his terms and conditions. He wants to deliver a message to all the young girls that be good with culture of your family and nation. Do not exceed the limits in the public places, you must behave properly.

He has acted oppositely to the above act. In gambling, the Pandavas have lost their wife Draupadi to Kauravas. They were in very awkward position as the Kauravas after winning Draupadi, decided to remove her clothes in the court assembly. Draupadi was in desperate position as nobody came to her rescue. Then, she prayed to Lord Krishna wholeheartedly. By hearing his devotee’s heart breaking pleads, Krishna appeared virtually and supported her. Dushashan, the second of Kauravas, was pulling away clothes from Draupadi but Krishna virtually supplied the bales of clothes continuously such that Dushashan got tired and fell on the ground. Thus, in this way, Krishna saved the character of a woman. He always showed a model character by his behaviour.
At one instance, you will find Krishna is pulling away clothes and on the other place you see, he provided clothes and saved the character of a woman. This displays his dual character of love and protection.

Relationship Management:

Relationship management is very much effectively demonstrated by Krishna. His friend, Sudama belonged to very poor family. Both were studying together in Gurukal during childhood. After their studies, they have parted and led their own lives, Krishna as a King of Dwarika and Sudama as a poor Brahmin. After few years, Sudama decided to see his friend. Sudama went to see him personally in the city Dwarika were Krishna was residing and ruling as a king. When he got the message that Sudama has come, he got up and ran barefooted to welcome him from the corridor. Sudama was very poor and so could not carry anything as gift to his friend but Krishna insisted for Pauva (flaked rice), which he brought and was hesitant to give by seeing the riches of Krishna. They used to share this Pauva during school days. Both lived together and shared together whatever they used to get during school days.

Krishna became a king but never demonstrated Ego, Status, Position and Power and importance of material world in the relationship. He demonstrated real meaning of friendship. That’s all. He had less relation with what he had. It had more concern with what he was. He had shown excellent relationship management.

Decision Making Power:

Karna was a strong competitor and fighter. He was almost divine. He was blessed by God Surya. Krishna knew all these. So, it was very difficult to kill him in war. In war, Karna’s wheels of Rath (chariot) were broken and stuck into muddy soil. Rath was not in the position to move any side. Karna had to come down from Rath and pull out the wheels from muddy soil. As Karna was found busy in this activity, Krishna said to Arjun, “Fire and kill him.” Arjun said, “No we cannot.” But Krishna pushed and ordered him to fire and kill him, as everything is fair in war. Winning is everything.

Strategy Planner:

He is living with vision and can see future consequences. According to that he takes decisions and plan out new working methodology.

Gandhari was the mother of Duryodhana. Gandhari had closed her eyes for years with the belt as she had taken a vow. In Mahabharata when Duryodhana was about to lose the war, Gandhari decided to bless her son Duryodhana by removing belt from her eyes as she was a pious lady. She asked her son to be present at the first phase of the day without any clothes as she can see him and bless him when she removes the belt from her eyes. She wanted to bless her son with the divine power, which she had got due to her vow. Thus, she called her son without clothes.

As his mother called him, Duryodhana was going for the same in the morning. Krishna came to know about this as he was a visionary; he thought that if Duryodhana, being naked, went to his mother then he would be blessed with divine power and it would be difficult to defeat him in war. Hence, Krishna came across Duryodhana and said, “You are going naked in front of your mother. She is a lady and will you go naked in front of her. It will look so bad and shameful.” Duryodhana agreed with Krishna and went to see his mother by putting some leaves around his waist. When Gandhari found him with some covered area, she said that the part of his body, which was covered with leaves, is now not protected. She said, “My full sight on your complete body was essential for divine blessings but you came with some covered part.”

Later in the war Krishna and his team defeated Duryodhana by attacking on the same covered part and won. Krishna could see what will happen. Leaders are visionary. According to the situation, they design strategy, move forward, and win. They defeat competitors.

Before, the final war between Kauravas and Pandavas, Krishna motivated Arjuna to fight out, as he was a number one fighter of the Pandava’s team. Arjuna became weaker and sentimental. Krishna showed him his strength and his potentiality, and his hidden energy. Krishna boosted his actual power, capacity and capability. Strength is life and weakness is death. Unleashing your potentiality and performing is the true spirit.

Control over EQ AND SQ:

Krishna was born to Devki. But, he was brought up and grown under the motherhood of Yashoda. He never forgot her in his life and he always showed loyalty and commitment, and respect to her mother, Yashoda. Leaders are always loyal to people and organization.

Krishna was playing with his friends on the bank of river Jamuna. While playing with the ball, it went deep into the river. Krishna was forced to bring out the ball from the river. In fact, in the river, a large cobra was living, which could kill anybody with its poison. Krishna jumped into the river and fought with the cobra, as cobra had five faces……Krishna took control over him through riding on its five faces and he brought the ball out of the river. Leaders have control over their five senses. Krishna demonstrated control of senses. Your emotions and sentiments drive you other ways from the main goal. Leaders always have total control of their senses.

Situational Leadership:

While fighting with King Jarasangh. Krishna came to know that complete village is covered by the enemies and it is very difficult to fight with less weapons and less team members. He decided to quit from the village overnight. He had not committed fight and war with enemies. Next day, morning, it was found that Krishna had run away, last night with his team mates. He was declared RANCHOD.”

After few years, he asked Arjuna to fight out. He insisted Arjuna to fight against Duryodhana and his soldiers at any cost for his rights and justice. Arjuna almost lost the battle before, but Krishna proceeded and made up Arjuna’s mind and pushed him mentally and physically to fight against his gurus and senior family members.

State of Mind and Inside Clarity:

In childhood, one day, he has to cross river Jamuna along with his friends. He found that river was over flowing and it was also necessary to cross the river. He prayed to river saying, “If you find that I have strong character and I follow Brahamacharya by mind, heart and body. Please allow a passage to cross the river to reach the other side. River Jamuna allowed him to cross the river.

Later on, in his young age, he got married to 1600 women and was called husband of 1600 queens. He married to those women and saved their lives. He had honoured those ladies. He gave them title of wives.


Shishupal has insulted Pandavas and Krishna for number of times, but he did not utter a word, even though he requested Shishupal for understanding the time and grant the appeal. Shishupal abused him and Pandavas repeatedly up to 99 times. As the event 99 of tolerance was over, he showed him his strength and power. Leaders have enough amounts of tolerance and capacity for handling pressure. They can keep themselves cool up to the last moment. Professionals have to keep their mind calm and cool and inside fire to lead themselves…as there is a goal and deadline. To meet challenges under high pressure you have to develop tolerance in the team.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

One of the kings …….had 1600 women kept in his palace. As he was a king and power centric leadership, no one can raise voice against him …during ruling time.

He led against anti culture and stand in favour of woman rights. He fought against him publicly and defeated him. He made all the 1600 women free from prison…But women asked him… “Now who will accept us as their wives or daughters…as we have stayed with that person since a long time who will trust us.”…Krishna said, “Do not worry…today onwards I declare myself as your husband. Live with pride in the society.” Standing for social responsibility, demonstrating mental standards and height of the character, he was perfect leader. He was a husband of 1600 queens and on the other side he is following the highest level of character.

Personal Social Responsibility:

He knows he is going to die after few years. How can he benefit community at large for the better lives? He prescribed the life book called “THE GEETA”. The book is well known for the life management just in 17 chapters and mantras. People can read in his absence and find out ideal way of leaving a mark to achieve their mission of life.

Krishna was born to Devki. But, he was brought up and grown under the motherhood of Yashoda. He never forgot her in his life and he always showed loyalty and commitment, and respect to her mother, Yashoda. Leaders are loyal to people and organization. You always find egolessness, simplicity, cleanliness, and purity in the relationship. He always carries high value for family.

Visionary Leadership:

He almost demonstrates visionary leadership. He sees and watches the actions of his competitors and enemies and then designs his course of actions. He also demonstrates how one can win over his competitors by his strategies and communication.

Excellent Negotiator His ability to communicate and negotiate was of par excellence level. He communicated to seniors ( Drona, Dhuthrastra and Bhisma) and he dealt with Kansa, Jarasangh, Shishupal. He always tried his level best to stand in favour of fairness, integrity and dharma (Religious by action). But, when anybody crossed the limits, he showed the size and won over in the deal. Finally, result was counted. Krishna is an individual who had a winning habit.

Different Strokes – Different Folks

He led from the front and walk on talk. He handled different people with different styles. When he was in social front, you will find him different. When he was in warrior front, he was different. When he was in family relationship, his qualities were different. He handled worst people (Kansa, Shishupal, Duryodhan) very rudely and ruthlessly. When he was with his friend Sudama, you would find him completely different and when you find him with Radha (love relationship), we find him different.

Team Leader Krishna knows the dream of life is equal to dream of a team. He built up, developed, and operated those teams very well. He is also aware of his potentials and team potential. He is also able to distinguish individual leadership and team leadership. Every night during Mahabharata war he sat with his team and decided course of action looking to the strength of the individuals, simultaneously keeping in mind …importance of strategy.


Krishna is also watching balance sheet. What he has lost and what he has gained in life. He stands in the favour of Truth, Trust, Integrity, Corporate social responsibility and Religion.

He lost his own team players, friends, and he was ended very badly in the life by a common Shikari near Prabhas Patan. A man, who had won over thousands in the life, finally, ended by a common person. He is highly worried before the end of his life…as his own friends and disciples were free, were not following code of conduct, and became physical and monetary successful people, which he had always denied in the life. He found unhappy at the end of the life by his own people, CEOs are also found frustrated and upset at the end of the life. They have created an empire or house, finally, at the end of the career, they found it loosing originality, identity and values, for which he had passed away his life.

CEOs can learn a lot of qualities on the day of his birthday….Team management, Situational leadership, different strokes – different folks, EQ and SQ management, Relationship management, Integrity and trust, Values and culture, Handling pressure and visionary leadership, strategy and planning etc… Quality can be learnt from this most appealing leader of INDIAN WISDOM AND RELIGION. – please send your views and feedback on

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