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Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens

You see the matter or you listen the matter. You collect information or understand wisdom. You have friends who are smart or wise ? You are gathering knowledge or applying knowledge?
The more you like your self or like others ?

Wisdom is the true essence e of life.

Wisdom applying wiseness in life at any cost at any time with anybody.Wisdom is not to become master of world but mastering yourself.

What is the true wisdom ? Are you knowing wisdom ? If yes than what you know is wisdom that you know or unknown.

People around could have wisdom. You could have wisdom. You must know what you know and you also know what you do not know.Now, you know what you do not know. What you are not knowing that you are accepting is true wisdom.

living at surface level is never wise living .

Are you following false knowledge ?

Are you living for super fictitious success ?

Are you chasing true success ?

Are you living which is full of wisness ?

Are you living with worry and searching happiness ?

Are you exhausted with the standard of relationship?

Are you running after false success ?

Are you on the path where you get what you are finding.Are you chasing same path which people were using before years and decades.

Be satisfy with what you have is one wisdom.Are you living that wisdom. ? If you are not satisfy with what you have right now then you will never be satisfy with what you have in future.

Life is never what you have it is always what you are.

You are following what ????

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