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Knowledge Management a Practical Approach

This paper is about understanding the best practices in establishing Knowledge Management (KM) Strategies suitable for GCC Governmental Organizations.


Government organizations have usually three main functions or activities: Strategic functions, mission related and society support related functions. All these functions need to be proven that they add value to the public. Today, performance excellence is also highly expected in such government functions if such these organizations are to be called competitive. Many different Excellence Models and programs have been developed over the years in different countries of the world for improving the government essential programs and as a tool for monitoring sustainable progress. In the mean while, few Governmental Organizations in the GCC have developed practical KM strategies suitable for the regional culture.


No profound knowledge attempts have been really experienced tell date in most of the governmental organizations in GCC even though many organizations have been implementing EFQM and other Governmental Excellence Programs , which is supposed to trigger the practice of KM , for nearly a decade now.


One can’t imagine the huge gap between producing “Knowledge Worker” as Peter Drucker – (1966) in The Effective Executive Book put it and the current practices KM understanding and practices in GCC governmental organizations; where KM is seen mainly from angle of Explicit Knowledge only.


Mint berg wrote in (1986) an article called “Managing Government, Governing Management” for Harvard Business Review which he reflected the thinking and practices of the public sector activities and mentioned precisely the measurement problems. From here, one can learn that putting suitable KM strategies is the most important exercise that our GCC Governmental Organizations need to go through first.


We would try to discuss in this paper the type of challenges facing our GCC governmental organizations, while demonstrating current best practices model that can help to establish and re-establish such strategies and setting ways to deploy it. We will use our own experience and also other leading countries experience in managing KM programs till date in such governmental Organizations.


By: Mohamed Buheji – Director of Itqan Management Consultancy

      Excellence & KM Consultant, Bahrain

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