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Knowledge Management

For any organization to be successful in making the right decisions in the right time, the decisions should be based on knowledge and pervious experience of the organization that is archived by the knowledge management department. Therefore, this is how the knowledge management proceeds in Dubai Police General Head Quarters. Dubai Police are aiming to practice the knowledge management in the security duties by benefiting from the employees’ experiences in this field besides that Dubai Police is also sharing their best practices with the rest of the world.


The knowledge Management in Dubai Police consists of four main categories, which are, distributing knowledge, studies and research, statistics and analyzing, and knowledge scanning. The major responsibilities of the Knowledge management administration in Dubai Police is coming up with methods for specifying the required information by the Dubai Police activities, collect the databases frequently in cooperation with other departments in Dubai Police, categorize the data available, analyzing the data, transforming the information to a dependable knowledge source, coming up with solutions to decrease the gap between the available knowledge and the needed one, and finally scanning and observing new locations, projects and areas in Dubai to come up a clear vision of number of recommendations which supports decision making in Dubai Police General Head Quarters.


Knowledge is a very significant component for the success of the organizations worldwide. This is a sample of the Knowledge Management Administration model that Dubai Police which is implemented since 2003. There are examples of what Knowledge Management Administration provides for other the General Departments in Dubai Police. It also has the techniques that are followed in the Knowledge Management Administration in order to help the Dubai Police General Head Quarters to reach its strategic goals  


Anwar Al Nimir

Dubai Police

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