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It’s always good to live in Picasso zone

Get lost. Don’t be available to whosoever wants to meet you. I often spend hours at a time in the solitary. I am excellent with myself. Solely to myself. I turn off my communication devices and think, create, plan and write. Zero interruptions. Focus undisturbed. Great is the results.
You need to be normal and in solitary to feel the normality in you. In fact, we become what we are and not what we want to show. To be original and to know what is within, you have to observe privacy and seclusion.
Confined to yourself; no interruption, you and only you. It is your journey to your soul and what you come across inside is the real stuff. Astonishingly you become aware of the fullness in you by the absence of others.
I strongly recommend solitariness as it can transform one million realities. It gives you clarity, purity, new avenues, new explorations and a sense of living within. Wow!!! It could be more exhilarating feeling ever experienced!
Great outcome results from clarity of thinking that comes only when there is serenity within you. Thinking and rethinking and thinking constantly can be the prescribed way of living in my view.
Only solitary men know the full joys of living. Others have their life; but to a person blessed with solitariness his existence is everything he could ask for.

Take a plain paper, pencil and let silence and nature guide you. Let the flow come out. It will be the most admiring moments of your life, which, one must live. Once, I came across a very senior professional leading a corporate life. I asked his secretary, can I see him now?
She said “no.” “He is in meeting.”
I asked, “how long it goes?”
She replied, “Not really sure. He has warned me not to disturb him. “
I decided to wait. After few hours, he comes out and takes me to his room.
I did not find anyone in his room. I straightaway asked, “you were busy in meeting and I don’t see anyone here?”
He replied, “YES!”
“I was busy with ideas and thinking. I was occupied with new ideas and thoughts.“
He further said, “It is a way of my living. No interruptions. Purely me and my thoughts.”
Solitary is therefore a bliss that recharges life with new and refreshing thoughts. You are your legacy. Let the living be within you. Live like a live wire.
In silence, mind meets the soul and thinking comes of its own with ideas flowing out like lava … this could be the best ever time of life for me and for everyone.

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