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IPL showing management lessons

IPL (Indian Premier League) is showing all hues of success in South Africa. All global cricketers are playing at their level best. They are also showing global relationship, which is more important rather than playing for a country and winning.


Cricketers are demonstrating management lessons.


Yesterday, Yusuf Pathan has shown an attitude of meeting challenges. When he came on ‘Crease’, it seemed almost the battle was lost. His team was really in bad shape and condition. Oppositions were very strong. Yusuf developed his mental spirit and increased his self confidence. He tried to use his core competency at the fullest extend. His Excellency is in hitting the ball without seeing who is bowling. He smashed 62 runs in 30 balls at the international level. Really superb and appreciable. Totally changed the result. Loser became the winner and the winner became loser. Dramatic success. WOW!!!


Yes it’s possible.


Yusuf was focusing on what he can do, how he can do, irrespective of who is on the opponent side. This is the great lesson. Most of the time, people around you or circumstances around you drive you. Situation governs you and conditions control you. Instead of that Yusuf had controlled the condition and transferred the result.


Never become situation driven. Control your condition otherwise condition will control you.


Develop self-esteem and relay on your talent and skill. This will build up confidence in you, which will lead you towards impeccable success.

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