Thursday , 20 September 2018
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In a nail biting situation, Punjab Kings XI defeats Mumbai Indians in the last over. Match was lost by 4 runs. Royal Challengers Bangalore held their nerve to clinch a tight five wicket win over Knight Riders at Durban. Mark Boucher once again proved that why he is needed in the team.

Following management lessons were observed in the last two Overs of both the matches.

A) Last 10 percent is very hard and difficult. Those who did not take enough care of that 10 percent may have to face different results.

B) Your biggest resource can fail at any moment.

C) Never underestimate your competitors. They can fight up to the last breath and the last moment.

D) Even easy victory can be turned into very difficult task if you are not going ahead with right strategy.

E) In a team, sometimes champions won’t perform and an average man performs beyond expectations.

F) Never live with pre-determined results before actual results.

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