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Innovative Trance State Learning

Today’s organizations are faced with the growing challenge of increasing the competencies of their m managers and leaders. As a result, million of dollars have been invested in training & development to bridge the competencies gap. While organizations are looking at ROI in training, the issue on how effective are the training programs in helping the learners to learn remains a big question.


This paper focuses on exploring an innovative training methodology known as, Trance State Learning (TSL), as a tool to enhance the transfer of knowledge & skills from classroom to workplace and achieve the objective of work integrated learning. Essentially, the aim of training is to help the learners to acquire knowledge & skills so that they are able to think, act and response in a certain way under a specific context. TSL is a form of advanced experiential learning that not only improves the knowledge application but also deepens the understanding, enabling the learner to perceive the world differently.


The concept of Trance State Learning is based on the notion “All Learning, Change, and Behavior is Unconscious. In essence, Trance State Learning is about inducing trance-state in your learners where the Unconscious Mind is “open-up” and become more susceptible to new learning. It’s the responsibility of trainers to “install” new belief, knowledge, and critical principles to the learners. In this way, the new knowledge and skills learned become automatic and it forms new behaviour patterns in the learners.

The main advantage of TSL is that it has the ability to produce “generative change.” A TSL-based training outlines a series of activities which the learners learn by action, then by a process of critical reflection and evaluation of the experience, leading them to a general principle of action and effect over a range of circumstances. During the training, the learners are exposed to different types of simulation where knowledge is regarded, in part as a product of the activity, context, and culture in which it’s developed & used.


Unlike the current widely-used training methodologies such as Accelerated Learning Techniques or Competency-based training methods, Trance State Learning is an innovative training methodology emphasizes on the importance for the Unconscious Mind to learn. This is a holistic approach to integrate the learning between the conscious and the unconscious mind. Trance State Learning makes learning become more appealing to the Unconscious Mind.


By Kevin Wong

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