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Innovation: An idea is not a monopoly of manager or boss

Creativity cannot be defined because it is subjective but I try to put it this way. “A new idea/concept that brings change and produces results that anyone could have thought of yet no one conceived.”

A reasonable man adapts himself to world. An unreasonable man adapts the world to himself. Hence all the progress depends on unreasonable man.

What is the essential attitude for creativity?

Tony Buzan is the great example for writing notes. He starts asking “WHY” to his school teachers and people around him. “Why I should write from left to right and in sequences. Even after writing I am not able to recall. Finally he invented new method of writing ‘Mind Mapping.’ Now-a-days this method is used largely in training world and in Asia-Pacific countries.

You are 10 times more creative than you think. You can be better than you are. Everyone is creative. In fact, you have not tapped your competency. You have not undergone any such wonderful experience.

Where some people accept failure as end, Creative people see it as another opportunity. Most Creative people know there are answers to every challenge. They always see the problem differently and they commit themselves totally to this task.

I was conducting MDP on the subject innovations in the organisation in Seoul, Korea. I asked participants to list out different uses of Dairy. 93 ideas were listed out in 9 minutes by the group of 36 participants. Some of them were really new.

You can start creativity by simple ways. Just like changing hair styles. Changing routes to travel to office from home. Changing colours of your dresses. Changing furniture arrangement in the drawing room. Changing arrangement on your desk of office appliances. Above ideas can help you in igniting your mind. These ideas will break your own limits and will allow you for new horizons.

Fluctuations, disturbances, imbalances and cassock are the primary sources of creativity. Boredom leads up to the creativity. Avoiding such situation is one of your most important objectives to become creative. Innovation and diversification in the business is the price to be paid to be in the business world. Business houses who had forgotten this rule are not in the list of market.

Advantage of being creative is you are on constant road of excitement. You leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be absolute yourself.

The management writer of “80/20 Principles: Achieving more with less work” Richard Koch has re-activated the ‘Pareto Principle’ in the last 10 years. He used maximum amount of creativity in the time management and relationship management.

Creativity should not be cessation of stupidity so three major key words are to be followed:




Creativity is the external mirror of your internal state. Today is the day to take care of your inner mirror.

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