Tuesday , 23 October 2018


Intuition is a divine knowledge or super natural gif to mankind. It can be to the people who are at certain stage of grace. Meditation brings you more closely to intuition. Intuition is nothing but to see in your heart without conditioning and desires.

There is no reason why people are not listening their inner voice? How often you heard your inner noise before going for major decisions? How many of us have checked our attitude of intuition?

I believe very strongly that it is a very capable tool given to mankind but incapable people are still not able to explore or utilise it at optimum level. Some time it is said that it is a sixth sense. My question is why we do not follow our inner noise.

Somehow other we have shifted ourselves to logical, Analysis and proof oriented thinking. We are not working regularly with our most capable and able sense.

In one of my workshop on “Mind Management for managers”, one of my participants asked me, sir, how we get the inner noise? I came to know about it but i had tried three times, no inner noise come out? And my confusion is how to identify that this is a inner noise and this is a logical noise?

I would like to answer in three steps.

A/ Ask question with intention and integrity.

B/ Listen very carefully.( No arguments)

C/ Action on conviction.

You may have confusion that even if we these attitude starts asking divine knowledge but noise didn’t come out then what to do?

I reply,” Keep on asking  ……answer will come out on sometime of tomorrow. In past, lot of time noise were coming out but you have not listened with intention. Isn’t it? Now try for few more time. Divine is always gracious and super natural.

William Shakes sphere have committed that i had gone to sleep with confuse state and disturb mind . I had asked unconscious intelligence to help me and i had gone to sleep. In the morning, i had got the solutions form inner side.”

I had asked my participants while conducting workshop, how many of you have experienced that you were confused before sleep and next day , morning, when you wake up, you get the answer from inner and which have solved your problems.

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