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Impact of a small behaviour

Recently, Dr. Shailesh Thaker gave a lecture on ‘Office Relationship’ in the management workshop organised by Knowledge Inc. Many top-level management professionals took part in this workshop. At the end of the session, many professionals were seeking his guidelines. Give-and-take of ideas squeezed in the form of questions and answers.


A life lesson incident has taken place here. One of the professionals, Mr. Virag, a marketing head of ABlink Pvt Ltd, who has attended this workshop, was not in good state of mind.


To ease his stress and inner disturbance, he asked Dr. Thaker, “From past few days I’m emotionally upset. On one occasion, my senior Mr. Pranav fired me just because of a small mistake. He did not behave properly with me.”


Further, Mr. Virag added, “After this occasion, I am not able to concentrate and lack interest and mood to do my work.”


“I am emotionally disturbed. I have taken it to my heart.”


Moreover, he added that he took the comment too personally and had built a wrong perception about Mr. Pranav. Whatever Mr. Pranav used to communicate, Mr. Virag did not take it positively because of false preconceived preference, prejudice and tattered relationship.


This cold war was carried on for the next few months. A communication gap roused between them. Mr. Virag was not giving any heed to Mr. Pranav. A mental wall was created between their relationships. Moreover, this invisible wall has bittered their sweet bonding. Because of this turmoil, greater obstacles were affecting the quality of work. The smooth sail of work was greatly disturbed. This situation has taken shape because of Mr. Virag’s misconception about Mr. Pranav.


On the other side, Mr. Pranav may not be aware of this incident. He would have forgotten about this incident or may be least bothered to check himself. Most probably, it would have happen that he must have not taken it seriously. He must have not done it intentionally. May be he did it to train or prepare Mr. Virag. Any way it was a hard core that he has opted and this has resulted in bitter differences between them.


Mr. Virag explained the whole situation and asked Dr. Shailesh Thaker

“What should I do now? I am passing through emotional turbulences and not able to concentrate on my work.”


Mr. Pranav was also present in the same seminar.


To this whole incident, Dr. Thaker gave a brief extract, which is also a life’s lesson that is not only helpful for those who work in blue chip companies but also for every human being who faces this situation in the life phase.

Dr. Shailesh Thaker explained to Mr. Virag, “You should not take such things too seriously. Never take it to heart, as it will only spoil your relationship and make you unrest. Always take it positively and try not to burn the bridges.” 

Dr. Thaker also advised Mr. Pranav, “You should always be soft in your dealing with others. A leader should always possess this attitude. Rude behaviour will always spoil life long relationships. As a leader, you should always be careful. A small behaviour has a greater impact in our personal relations.”


Hence, from the above incident of Mr. Virag and Mr. Pranav, Dr. Shailesh Thaker has taught us about an impact of a small behaviour in our lives. We need to be patience and polite while dealing with others rather than burning the bridges.

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