Friday , 21 September 2018


Bollywood actor Priyanka Chopra says, “I have been warned by my parents (both are doctors) and well wishers not to let work takes toll on me. And, though I wish to pay heed to their advice, I can’t stop myself from getting excessively involved with the work I take over. Honestly, I drive myself to a point of no return. When it comes to any part I take in the film. I am just so involved that it starts to hurt me. And, if I do not know, I am bleeding till such time as I am on a work because I do not stop to look.”

She has said that she is killing herself in acting in the next film; “What’s your Rashi?”

Leaders are passionate and love their work. Even they involve themselves with a killing spirit. They forget what they are getting. But, perhaps, prepare themselves up to the killing level.

God is kind enough to give 24 hours to everyone, why some people are only successful? I strongly believe one of the major causes of becoming successful leader, is to involve in work with killing spirit.

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