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I am just loving it

“I am a positive guy. I like to make things work. The more people are against me, the more I want to prove them wrong. It’s lot harder, a lot more problematic. But, I love it. I just really love it. When I decided to be a coach, I thought that I have to manage only on the grounds with the players. Later on, I realised that there are lot of more things to do apart from the field.”

Dunga, a coach for the Brazil’s football team revealed out. Dunga, the former national team (Brazil) Captain and winner of world cup in the year 1994. Still, he has power in his belly and committing harder challenges. In Brazil, football is life and every citizen is attached with the football. It is a national game. You are leading the most sentimental team and world famous team also.

In such a situation, where your last coach was blamed by media very badly and he was removed as a coach of the team when Brazil was eliminated from the world cup- 2006 at Germany. Dunga said, “I am enjoying and I have new techniques and strategy to lead team. I have to create and maintain harmony in the team for a long time.”

Loving what you are doing and doing it with love is the essence of leadership

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