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How will people remember me after 50 years?

People around you will hardly remember you after you die. Let us take an example. Even in your family if somebody had died 20 years back, do you remember him/her even today? Do you recall him/her everyday? If not. Then, how can you imagine people on this planet, will remember you after your dead? How can they remember you after 50 years?

Yesterday one renowned noble prizewinner died. Can you remember his name? Moreover, on the same day, a poor man died. Still can you remember him? Dieing is a natural phenomenon. Nobody can escape this truth. It is a universal truth. You will find that both of them are forgotten, despite of their positions. You can find that one is successful in his life and the other is not. If such people are not remembered. Then, what about us? How will people remember me? How can I be remembered after my dead?

Do you recall machineries, instruments, necessary things that you have used past few years? Will people remember you for the luxuries you are using?

Will they remember me for the things to which I am attached too or the lifestyle that I am following? My answer is “NO”.

People will remember you only for one great thing. You will be remembered only if you have brought some positive change in his/her life. One positive change that he/she cannot forget throughout his/ her life. Just one positive change, which has totally changed their lifestyles. During their lifetime, they will always remember you for the positive change you have marked in their lives.

What should be my priority for the year 2009? My top most priority for the year 2009 is to select a single person and to bring a positive and a constructive change in his/ her life. That is going to be my paramount priority for this year and it will be throughout my lifetime.

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