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How to turn bad habits into good onesleadership guru,

The transformation of bad habits into productive ones isn’t an easy process – it’s a simple one.

The post discusses a recent study that suggests 40 per cent of what we believe to be “decisions” are actually habits and, as a result, are quite possibly unproductive actions.

To help break the cycle the following tips on habit change are offered:

  • Redefine “must” – by evaluating the decisions we take for granted, we’re in a position to reconsider if actions must be performed in a particular way
  • Understand the process – it’s claimed every habit follows a cue, routine and reward trajectory; understanding on the cue or trigger is the first step towards changing the routine
  • Rethink your reward system – many habits are based on achieving the reward rather than the habit itself; if the reward is a positive one keep it and change the routine
  • Document the process – writing down the habit and how you intend to change it reinforces the desire to change; if you document a good new habit enough times and it will become automatic

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