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How to Be a Champion in Life

We all have had thoughts of success and living a better life. The question that we all may have asked ourselves is how do we achieve the success experienced by others or how can we become number one in a world fierce with competition. Your pursuit of success does not have to be related to wealth and material things. You may be just striving to be the best parent, spouse, businessman, or an athlete striving to be number one in your chosen sport.


I feel the real champions of the world are those that choose to pursue their passion, despite having multiple odds against them. Those that return to further their education later in life, or advance in their career while dealing with other personal obligations and obstacles. One of he keys to success in becoming the best is observing what other successful people do with a similar passion to your own. We can all learn something by observing how others overcome adversity on their way to becoming number one. It doesn’t matter what your personal passion or goals in life may be. If you want to be the best then start analyzing how others have achieved their success and apply it to your own circumstances.


Starting today, analyze how you can tweak your routine and make small changes in the way you perform activities related to your passion. Then make a commitment to implement these changes daily and you will be on your way to being the best at what you do. Former bodybuilding legend and current governor of California would spend hours focusing and performing extra exercises to improve upon his weak areas. The result was one of the greatest bodybuilders of his time. There probably isn’t a single athlete in the Olympics this year that did not spend hours, days, and even years fine tuning themselves, physically and mentally, to become the best in their chosen sport.


If you want to be number one or just the best that you can be starts following these five strategies that will help you become a champion at whatever you choose to pursue in life:

1. Improve On the Small Things- there are many small things that can be changed to make a big difference in the final outcome of anything you are pursuing. Try to determine what areas of your life small changes may benefit. It may be something as simple as going to bed earlier, working smarter, doing more reading, advancing your education, or scheduling regular dates with your spouse and children. You may want to consider getting a coach to Help inspire you, guide you and improve your productivity.


2. Study Other Successful People- winners always seem to perform well under any circumstances no matter what adversity they encounter. You have to keep your act together physically, psychologically, and spiritually if you are going to become the best. Commit yourself to mastering and fine tuning the skills needed to become number one. Study and learn from others that have already achieved success.


3. Learn to Hyper focus-block out the noise, eliminate distractions and clear the mental clutter to help you stay focused on your priorities. You need to get in that zone that allows you to have optimal performance. Find that optimal time of the day when you are in your zone and use that time of day for creative thinking and performing important task. We all have experienced times when we need to be at our best and really focus without any outside distractions. If music helps you focus then utilize it to help get you in your zone for greatest creativity and productivity. Visualize yourself succeeding in whatever activity that is requiring your optimal performance.


4. Follow Your Passion-to become the best at something you have to love it so much that it does not seem like work. If you want to compete with other extraordinary people, with similar passions, you may have to give up doing things that other ordinary people do. You may have to give up hanging out with friends, sleeping in on the weekends, staying up late, and eating inappropriately. You need to use those hours to practice and fine tune the skills needed to become the best at what you do. Try finding areas of your life that you can rearrange to raise certain areas of your life to a new level. Finding things you can let go of will allow room for focusing on the goals and dreams you truly desire.


5. Finish Strong and Fight To The Finish- how many times in life do we give it 90% only to find our efforts fizzle out. Even if you know you have won or lost, keep on fighting until the end.


Never give up.

If you want to be the best at whatever you do begin studying the success of others, focus, and start making changes in the small things that will help move you towards being a champion in life.


Author: Curtis E. McElroy

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