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How People Will Remember Me at My Work Place?

People come in an organization, work and move away. They are remembered until they are there working in the organization. When they leave their job or work place they far forgotten. I want to ask you how somebody can remember you even after you leave your job.

I want to talk to you about how you can make a unique contribution at work and how to tap into your skills, passion, talent and energy.

Someday, sometime, I have to quit the work place. Then how people around me will remember me in my absence?

The various factors that surely can create a great difference:

  • My contribution
  • My attitude towards my peers
  • My commitment
  • My interpersonal communication
  • My innovation

I am sure that through any one of these above factors you can definitely make a difference for people to remember you even after you leave the work place.

I remembered an experience of a company named TORRENT POWER during my Management Training Workshop.

I simply asked participants a question; “Can you recall or remember any person of your company who is not presently working here and why?”

And, the immediate answer from the participants was a name of an employee Mr. Dave.

They were excited to talk about him. They said that he was generous to everyone, even to customers who used to come for paying electric bills.

In many instances when a customer came to pay the electric bill and had no amount left in his pocket to travel back home, in such situation he used to help that person by paying him his travel expenses. He advances his help to anybody without any hesitation. When some peer or colleague needs money, he always advances and never expects that it will be returned back to him.

Sometimes it happens so that the customer used to come to pay bill, and to his astonishment finds a penalty for late paying the bills. Further, to his woes, he used to not have any extra amount to pay the penalty in his pocket. Moreover, if he did not honor the bill, the re-connection will not take place and the result, no power at home. In such situations, he used to contribute some amount to customer and it usually happened that they never returned the amount back to him.

However, he never shows regret for it. Most of the participants (current managers) endorse it.

Mr. Dave is remembered for his gracious heart and services to needy customer.

How shall I be remembered at my work place?

How people will take me in my absence at the work place?

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