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How do I deal with people who are totally self centric?

How often you have faced this question.

Let me clear, people are basically self centric. They are focusing on the word ‘what did I get out of it? To be very frank, they ask: what is in it for me?

This is all about expectations. It is fair or unfair, is not a matter of discussion. People expect, that is important.

For this attitude, they have strong logic with them, that I have family, responsibility and future security. I cannot live just….to be very much honest what world had done for me in past? What people around me have done for me?

I do not have any argument for that but I believe there should be a limit. At Certain point, certain level, one should stop self interest and self expectation level. At particular juncture, one should draw a line of becoming self centric. You cannot see your whole life same way: self centric.

I do understand that one cannot grow without selfish attitude. One cannot shine out in the world without self focus attitude. But there is a limit.

At some stage of life, one need to be better to the world, better to the society and better to the well wishers, friend and colleagues. One need to be mentor of 2 to 3 lives .So when, you say final good bye to the world there are people who take over in your absence and lead it to the global level.

You cannot become the best by completely self centric attitude! What is your big picture? What could be your legacy? What the world will write in your absence on your cemetery? If you have answers with big picture than focus on your attitude.

Change is age free and gender free and cast free.

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