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Leadership is assisting human beings.

Tony Athos, a teacher of Harvard Business School, says, “There were three young gems in rough form that I had discovered over the last 15 years. Today, they are tenured professors. And, they are changing the institution. And, will leave a mark on it for the next two decades. That’s what I have accomplished. 3 People as three gems.”

What is leader’s top and foremost priority in an organisation?

Creating leaders at all levels is the top priority of the leader in the organisation.

Leaders are helping people down the line and directing them in extending the limits and gradually extending their boundaries so they can grow respectively. Finally, when they say “Goodbye” to the organisation, talent is always present there to take over the leadership of the organisation.

Excellent leadership involves mentoring the people. Sometimes people may show back after your mentoring because of their poor values or selfish attitude. But, it won’t make any difference to the leader because leaders always make a forward move, never looking back at the negative side, even if the situation around them is undesirable.

In India, mother is an example of mentoring. Mother act as a mentor for her sons for years and make them almost complete. One fine morning, son turns up to mother and says, “My psychology and your psychology are not matching so let us stay separately.” Mother without any argument says, “YES”. Some or the other way, she helped him to settle down in his new house fulfilling all his requirements. She controls all her emotions, feelings and demonstrates positive leadership.

Trust me, at end of your life, who will remember you for making positive change in somebody’s life? The man, in whose life you have made positive change, will get up first in the row and will say proudly and publicly that, “Whatever I am today is because of that great gentleman.”

In my eyes, it is a big achievement because we will be only remembered by those in whose life we have made some positive change. We will be never remembered for driving BENZ Car around a pole or possessing 100 acre farm house.

Mentoring people and shaping their career is a number one priority of the leader.

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