Thursday , 20 September 2018


Passion is the energy. It excites you. It adds extra power to lead you towards greatness. It is the genius inside you that the world stands to gain.
There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for less in life when there is more to be achieved.

Time and patience is within you, it could lead towards matchless accomplishment. You need patience and persistence. My observation of last 23 years after training millions of people across the globe is that when patience becomes the watchword it creates wonders. Haste can undo success and the pitfalls are real and dreary. In the path of life success and failures come and go as milestones as one passes by. When people quit it is the leaders who stand up.

A man who disciplines his self is on his way in becoming a leader in his own right. He is the one who can take initiatives to forge ahead. A leader does not merely say “something should be done”; he ensures that something is done. A leader is useless without his people so to be effective he connects with everyone on his team and organization. His will to win, his skills in using cold logic with passion overrides all other consideration. A leader is indeed great if he stokes the imagination and builds the confidence of his people. It is he who instills the belief that what is impossible today is not only possible tomorrow but can be possible today itself with the right amount of determination and passion! There is no word like “impossible” in his dictionary. Ever.

Passion is the spice of life. Anything done without passion is like eating food without salt. To overcome life’s challenges we need to keep going beyond one mediocrity to another but to the path of true achievement that we are so passionately committed to. Undoubtedly nothing helps like vigor, passion, and determination to achieve our goals.

True success has deep relationship with heartfelt interest. Passion is the glue that holds the staircase of success comprising of time, persistence, commitment, character and focus.

In the 21st century we live life subjected to intense stress. Passion adds colour to our lives, making us energetic and warm-hearted.

Nothing great has ever been accomplished without passion. It is a gift of God making the mind, body and spirit work together. It helps see world as a place of never-ending potential. A passionate person discovers the kernel of life that lies within its hard exteriors.

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