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Google : true model of happiness.

Google is proving that you can offer best to customer at his home with no cost. Even though, company is making huge profit.
You need a business model which can help people and make them happy at no cost .. Your actions could make people happy at large scale… Making yourself happy is not a true way of leading life. Making people happy at no cost is a real attitude to life.
Giving pledge.com is an exemplary organisation . They are showing to the world the way of happiness by giving.
Kiran Karnik , former adviser to pry minister office of India had shown to the world that DO WELL AND DO GOOD. This formula could bring change in your life as well as people’s life.
True happiness lies in making people happy . Earning money for your self is not true success. Real success is hide in the happiness of people. Making people delighted at no cost and even though you are survive with profit is a way of true leading. Google is an example to all of us. Urban and rural can use it without any cost with authenticity from local places. They could get it very easily is a way of moving forward. TRUE success lies in making people happy not in earning money and becoming individually successfully.
I am expecting one more such idea in coming decade.

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