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Google is the world’s first $100 billion brand

Consultants, Millward Brown found that the company’s value is worth $ 101.4 billion.

Google is rank first globally.

Google’s marketing manager Lorraine TwoHill said, “We know that without consumers you have nothing and there is a great element of trust in us. We think about the consumer first and expect everything else to fall in to place after that. We do not feel big. We still work in little crappy teams and we feel too small.”

The analysts of brands Top 100 most valuable Global Brands by consultant Millward Brown found that the company’s value is above $100 billion.

This is great news in my eyes. Google knows the principle of ‘Humanity and Connectivity.

There is a supreme spiritual law of success. All elements of nature are connected to each other and support the humanity to live better. Nature believes in connectivity like day and night are connected, spring and winter is connected, gravity and earth is connected.

Google is following principle of connectivity and that’s why they deserve supreme level of success. Conscious and unconscious intelligence is taking care of Google. Invisible intelligence is supporting the great organisation for the benefit of humanity. I completely agree with the words of marketing manager Lorraine TwoHill.  

Sincere compliments to Google and its complete team.

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