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Goodness and Internal Transformation

Tuesday night was Purnima (Full Moon day), I went to temple to pray God. Outside the temple, we removed shoes and we got into the temple without shoes. Near the shoe-stand, I saw an old lady sitting with lotus to sell out to customers, who went inside the temple for prayer.

I took “Lotus” and went inside for prayer. I had completed my prayers and came outside.

I was walking slowly towards shoe stand.

After taking my shoes back, I asked the old lady about the price of the flower “lotus” to be paid.

She replied, “Rs. Five.”

I had opened up wallet and gave her Rs. Ten. (I kept silent and started seeing her)

She intended to return Rs. Five.

I saw her minutely. She was forwarding her hand.

I said, “Please keep it.” (As she needed it badly. Nearly 60 years old lady sitting at 10 p.m. on the corner of the road to gain business. This indicates, how much badly she is looking for money)

I was moving forward towards my car.

She asked me to have some more “Lotus “?

I said, “I have already presented flowers to God in the temple. Now I do not need it.”

She said, “You must have God at home, present it to the God. It is a free gift from my side. I am not charging for it.”

I was struck and astonished by her reaction. (I accepted “Lotus”)

While driving back home, I was thinking that goodness is within everybody. Goodness have least concern with education or illiteracy, it is always within.

Goodness is present in every human being and due to internal transformation it comes to fore in every human being irrespective whether the person is literate or illiterate. This is an inbound and inseparable gift of God to every human being and makes the humanity factor.

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