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Good words are not persuasive; persuasive words are not good.”

Lao-tzu very powerfully asserted, “Truthful words are not beautiful; beautiful words are not truthful. Good words are not persuasive; persuasive words are not good.”

You need to be creditable first. You also have to believe that you can do it, complete it, at any cost. No cost is a cost against your commitment to get it complete. You believe and you have committed. Once, you commit and believe means it is almost like print on wall. Sunset could be postponed but your words could not be change.

Persuasive is a quality which can ask you to get up in the middle of night . Ask you to meet your intention. You could have every morning very strong reason to get out of bad. You could jump in today with lots of new energy to create positive impact tin life.

You are persuasive because you are just after your legacy? You love to live passion. You are ready to travel whole earth to make it happen as you have promise to your selves.

Persuasion continuously, till it is over. After that you could offer lots of new learning to world and people around you.

As a missionary genius, you cannot effort of luxury of stubbornness. You need to be in the zone of persuasiveness. You could not effort it. Cost could be too high of your stubbornness; even you could not reach to place where you want to reach after paying those prices.

As you know very well, that life is too short where is the time to waste. So you could not catch it in this life. Once drop means drop and lost means lost things which you could make it happen as you had promise to your selves before you start travel.

You could be certainly better if you believe in persuasive attitude. Your beauty could be different. Your health could be different. Your power to lead could be at new stage. Your ability to stand tall could be at new heights.
You have liberty travel the road of life with your ways and comfort level. But, if you believe in persuasive and execute it in life, trust me, you could be at new stage of life. You could try it for few years and see the miracles in life. When, your heart is behind it, you do not have any other intention. You are truly directed than you could reach to new level of life.

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