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Four major customer expectations

A) Accuracy

B) Availability

C) Partnership

D) Advice.

Accuracy and availability are actions that your competitors can apply but the other two expectations, partnership and advice, are attitudes that can not be easily duplicated.Most important and effective attitude to bring customer delight are as follows:
In time service.

Listen to his voice of feelings.

Attending customer at his place.

Best quality lower price.

Advice him for his growth.

After sales service, at free cost, across the country.

Customer must be treated like a V.I.P. Customer is to be welcome on RED CARPET. In the 21st century customer is a real king.

About author –

Dr. Thaker is the world renowned management thinker and motivational speaker on organisational behaviour and development. He is the CLO of Knowledge inc. highly reputed training firm always helps organisations to achieve international benchmark. Dr. Thaker as a management guru always on demand as a keynote speaker , business coach and training guru for the management and training conferences.

Dr. Thaker has benefited 17 countries by 1300 workshops and motivates millions of professionals to achieve professional and personal goals. He has rich experiecce of 20 years and conducted nearly 11085 hours of training across the globe.He is PH.D in Cognitive thinking ( india) and International Training Fellow ( USA ).

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