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People generally do not forget when they do good to others.  At the same time, the same people acknowledge when others do good to them as it leaves a mark in their lives.

Doing something great for someone at some opportune moment in life is an extraordinary act but one has to live by it knowing that art of giving is a means to an end and not an end in itself. Let the fruits of action accrue to the giver but it should not keep popping on the mental screen as some sort of achievement to be bragged. Great leaders are bound to do tough jobs for the sake of humanity.

If I have to choose between receiving and giving. I will love to give. A kind gesture brings compassion in others. Keep giving and one day you become part of the nature itself as nature in turn returns it back to your with kindness and contentment in life. In fact, nature has selected you for that gift of giving as nature knows you are appropriate suited. World calls it success or luck. Remember, when grace comes from nature it can create wonders on the planet. Super intelligence goes with grace and no one can claim that the route to success is theirs as it is beyond intelligence. That is what super intelligence is all about.

Robert Louis Stevenson asserted “You can give without loving, but you can never love without giving.” Lighting candles in others life and forgetting it for rest of life is the real charm of giving as this becomes bereft of arrogance.

True masters learn the art of giving by strengthening their resolve to turn their weakness into strength. Kindness shown in giving and then forgetting for the rest of the life time is the eternal spring in the valley of human bosom.

People will not forget for whatever good they have done to others. You could be victim and in need of help. Yes. But let them do as they can do only what they can do to others.

People throw stones on the tree even though fruits are gifts from nature, not stones.

Real art is to give. Sun provides energy and light. Moon and stars provide soothing light at night in the dark sky. Earth is littered with fruits and vegetables; mines and minerals. Nature is providing these precious gifts from last thousands of centuries. Do you have any single experience to show that nature has turned arrogant and is keeping a tab of what it has bestowed to us? No. Why? Nature itself demonstrates the joy of giving.


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