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Five Best Formula for Happy Married Life

A) Discussion: Never discuss about your and your partner’s family members: Even if you discuss positive aspects after some phase, it can lead you towards negativity, which will make both of you unhappy; probably before that moment, both of you were enjoying and living happily. Isn’t it true? So, do not discuss anything about family members.
B) Trust: Trust your partner with 100 Percentage. Trust can be at either 0 levels or 100 levels. If you say, “I trust you by 56 Percentage”. It is never possible. Trust and a series of experiences create blind trust level between the partners.
C) Accept fully : Never accept your partner partly. I mean, his nature is excellent but he regularly returns home late. For this only reason, do not misunderstand him. However, fully accept the fact. This will add pleasure and happiness to your married life.
D) Net Time : Always steal and spare net 30 minutes for your life partner. During this time, do not allow any worldly things such as mobile, newspaper, TV, magazines, etc. to be a spoilsport in your precious moments. Also, avoid other activities. Sparing net time for each other will create bondage and reduces communication gap.
E) Unconventional positive strokes : Usually, people will give gifts on birthdays and marriage anniversary. I think it is conditional and expected by the other partner. Real charm can be created if we follow unconventional gift culture. Happiness doubles by this gesture.
I myself as a coach have observed these five tips. It will definitely create tremendous amount of bonding and healthy relationship between both the partners. You need positivity, Forget and forgive, Sound value system, Let go attitude and combining all these will surely embellish your married life with love and charisma. These qualities without any doubt will expand horizon of happiness between the partners.

Author : Dr. Shailesh Thaker

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